Sunday, 29 April 2012

Maroush - King of Edgware Road

After a late evening in the office on Friday, I went to have dinner on Edgware Road. When all you are craving is really good hommus and a warm meal, you can't go wrong with Maroush. Stand on the street a little way down from the Marble Arch end of Edgware Road, and you can see Maroush Express, Ranoush Juice and Maroush Gardens on each corner - all part of the same chain!

We had Hommus Beiruty to start with (made with chickpeas, tahini, hot pepper, parsley and lemon juice), as well as cucumbers, big fresh tomatoes, peppers and olives.

For the main course, there was Bamia with rice (a vegetarian dish with okra and tomatoes) and Malfouf (cabbages stuffed with mince).

My friend Sylvia requested we feature more vegetarian recipes, so I found a delicious looking Bamia recipe here.

We washed down dinner with fruit cocktail (Maroush makes this with yummy fresh fruits) and fresh lemonade with mint and rosewater.

Marouf Abuzaki opened his first Maroush restaurant on Edgware Road in 1981. The chef, and his wife Houda came to England during the civil war in Lebanon. They now have an impressive portfolio of restaurants, delis and cafes across London - on Vere Street and Edgware Road not only can you get a good meal inside you, but often they have live music and belly dancing too!


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  1. your are killing me. I am at the office starving and thirsty... :(